Deep Health Spine surgery solution supports all the needs of the spine surgeon: Fusion, Scoliosis, Cages, Tumors, etc. Allowing unprecedented accuracy and cost affordable by everyone.

Surgery planning suite

Surgery planning has been proved to improve clinical outcome in spine surgery. However, due to the complexity of common Surgery planning tools, few surgeons use it. Deep Health surgery planning platform uses AI to automate and simply the planning process. Naturally, Deep Health platform has common capacities such as:

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2D & 3D Dicom viewer

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Pre-Op and Intra-Op Implant planning

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Cloud sharing between staff (including remote specialist)

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PACS integration

Its main unique features are:

  • Automatic Spine detection and measurements
  • Automatic Vertebrae analysis
  • Bone density and bone strength mechanical analysis
  • Automatic registration and image fusion to MRI and X-ray
  • Sagittal balance analysis using combined Standing up X-ray and CT scan
  • Screw position recommendation
  • Margins analysis

3D Navigation system:

Spine navigation & robotics systems, by Brainlab, Medtronic and others are being sold around the world, but with relatively little adoption. When surgeons are asked why, the following issues come up:


Is it worth the investment?

Deep Health developed the Navigation system concept from scratch, based on it’s founders experience in AI and 3D imaging. Using its proprietary technology, the basic cost of the system is considerably lower, which allows a unique business model, which is aligned to the revenue structure of the customers and partners – Pay per Screw. In such a model, the hospital is paying very little at the beginning, and pays only when using the system. Avoiding “White Elephant” scenario in the hospital.


Is it accurate enough to our needs?

Competitors system claim 1.5-2mm accuracy. Deep Health accuracy is 0.3 mm. Moreover, the claimed accuracy is a synthetic model: Regulatory requires testing on ASTM phantom target – a synthetic target. Deep Health, high resolution 3D camera, tracks the spine directly and continuously, while standard navigation and robotics systems use C-Arm (low resolution X-ray) and markers (that are connected to the body) and perform the registration (calibration) process once – at the beginning of the surgery, without taking into account the spine movement throughout the process.

Therefore, in real-life open surgery, DH solution is even more superior, due to real-time tracking of the spine. Current navigation solution use markers connected to specific anatomical land mark and single C-Arm / O-arm scan to register it to the 3D camera. The distance between the markers and the pedicle in combination with small movements in the spine, create a significant error for the navigation system. DH continuous anatomical tracking ensures real accuracy of 0.3 mm through the process.


Radiation is a professional hazard to surgeons. Can you make it lower?

In open surgery, DH solution eliminated the need to do any intra-operative imaging. The 3D camera directly tracks the spine and matches it to the pre-op CT used in the planning phase. In MIS, the system tracks the markers but also the expansion tubes, ensuring better quality and robustness.


How much effort is needed to learn to work the system?

Direct feedback mechanism:

Current systems use remote screen or some type of Augmented reality method to give the surgeon feedback. DH solution uses a simple yet intuitive feedback: based on the Builder’s level concept, LED’s are used on the tool itself to guide the surgeon to the correct position.

30 seconds calibration process:

The use of Deep Health navigation system is easy. Preparation process in the surgery room is AI guided and takes 30 seconds only, versus the 15-30 minutes of competitors.

Deep Health is working with surgeons and for surgeons to overcome these issues.

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